In-Game Rules

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In-Game Rules

Post  [Admin]Chury on Fri Sep 19, 2008 5:22 pm

[MuffStory] In-Game Rules
1. No Hacking
[Will result in IP-ban]

2. No disrespect towards the GMs

3. No advertising

4. Don't beg for items, mesos or events
[We will perform everyday events and try to manage other things at the same time]

5. Don't beg for level-ups or job changes.
[Exception: you receive an 'OK' from the GMs Chury or Nobody]

6. Hogging zakum or horntail results in jail.
[Just discuss it in the forum if you want more channels]

7. Don't ks ! Try to share your map.

8. Be nice to other Maplers.

9. Please try to use proper english, so everyone can understand you D:

10. Happy Mapling x3

It was a good time. Thank yo to everyone and I wish you all goodluck~

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