[Gm app] FallenShadow

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[Gm app] FallenShadow

Post  Shadow on Tue Sep 30, 2008 11:03 pm

Name / Age / : Shade/15

IGN : FallenShadow


School:Richmond Hill High ~Gifted~ * unfortunatelyT_T

Why you should be GM : I should be a GM on this private server because I strongly believe with a positive attitude, I can contribute a lot to the community and even help out with the staff team. Generally, I'm a really nice guy if you get to know me better and personally. I never have any anger issues or act in an immature manner. So with a position as a GM on this server, I could perma IP ban hackers. No mercy or no second chances. Deal with some problems such as questions some of the players might have, help with glitches or any type of particular in game problem. I`ve been a GM in my friends private [non-public] server and I know how to get more maplers to come on this server by advertising on my own website that has 20k + people on. It's a C`walking based website. With members age range from 13-20 and about 30% of the population are kids and they play MapleStory and Private servers. Anyways, back on topic. . . I know what my limits are in regards to overusing GM skills, warping, summoning, what causes lag and etc.

Timezone : GMT~5 [Toronto, Canada]

Flexible - Smart - Self-confident - Friendly - Loyal - Responsible I know you said 2 but
im most of those =D

How long per day do you play ? Depends what day it is. Usually on a daily basis more than 6 hours of gameplay. I could get off early or late so don't worry, I`m usually on daily.

Experience : Like I said in the sub-topic (Why you should be GM), I`ve been a GM on my in-real life friend's private server and I`ve helped a lot on one of the famous private server (FinalStory, owned by Mateo) I still have my GM handbook with the complete set of GM skills, codes and other junk that GM's have.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read and review my application.


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Re: [Gm app] FallenShadow

Post  [Admin]Chury on Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:48 pm

Shadow could you use the form in the stickie? That way its easier for me to compare the apps. xD

It was a good time. Thank yo to everyone and I wish you all goodluck~

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