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Post  Raspx3 on Wed Oct 01, 2008 10:03 am

1. Name/IGN:Rasp Pham ign:Raspx3

2. Age:17

3. Location [include Timezone]:

4. What are you'r strengths [not Chara.Lol]:
My strength's are working on my school work and retaining my good grade.
i been keeping my GPA at 2.0 no less then that and also been working on
websites and other thing's.

5. What are your weak points:
Giving up on myself is my most weak point.

6. Underline only two adjectives that describe you the best:

Flexibal - Smart - Self-confident -Friendly - Loyal - Responsibel

7. For how long have you been playing MapleStory:
i've been playing Maplestory since 1st beta came out.

8. On how many servers have you been? Name them:
BerserkMs,PixelMs,ParadiseMs, PimpMs

9. Do you have already GM experiences:
Yes, i have i been a Gm on berserkMs and i know all the command.

10. Why do you want to be GM:
The, reason i wantted to be a Gm is just to help people and socialize with them.

11. How will you react on other players who are annoying or hacking:
Well, for annoying people that don't listen i would give them a warning and if that doesn't work i will jail them. As for "Hacker's" that's a automatic band if i catch one.

12. GMs shouldn't work on their own. So how do you think about Chury and SmellyCat?
How do you think can you support us:
If they need help they can always ask me if possible cause i'm up to help and do anything to make them happy.

13. During your mapling, have you already encoutered some problems? If yes, which:
Umm..The only problem i usaually Encounter are Dissconntion that's pretty much.

14. How do you intend to get new players here? [Without reg. players, GMs are useless] :
Well, for me to get more people or new people isn't hard cause i usaually ask my friends and they tell their freinds to come join.

15. Would you leave if you don't become GM:
[u]No, i wouldn't leave if I don't get choosen cause it's up to you to decide if i'm Gm material or not so i would be bummed out or mad.(:


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Post  Hitsu on Wed Oct 01, 2008 11:43 am

Ic Ur an Azn Very Happy

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Post  [Admin]Chury on Thu Oct 02, 2008 1:52 pm

Ok I will read yours too :3

P.S. I used to have the same last name before my parents divorced xD

It was a good time. Thank yo to everyone and I wish you all goodluck~

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