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Post  Jareziah on Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:16 am

Hey. I'm completely new to this server, but i'm completely confident when i say, i can tell i'm gonna fit in well here. You may knock off a few marks for just joining and then Applying right away, and i'm fine with that. Judge me how you choose. Right now i'm re-downloading v55 because i recently Reformatted, so i probably won't see any of you 'till the morrow. Until then, read, and enjoy.

1. Name/IGN: Skylar/Jareziah

2. Age: 15, 16 in February.

3. Location [include Timezone]: BC, Canada. -8 GMT

4. What are you strengths: Laid-back, Good leadership qualities and experience, I've moderated and Game-master'd in two other maple servers before this, and in Two WoW Private Servers before that. Smile If you want proof of this, Contact me on MSN.

5. What are your weak points: I hate to be completely ignorant when i say this, but when it comes down to it i really don't have any weak points unless you count Insecurity, but that's only in Real Life. I'm very open over the Interent. Very Happy

6. Underline only two adjectives that describe you the best:

Flexibal - Smart - Self-confident - Friendly - Loyal - Responsible

7. For how long have you been playing MapleStory: Couple years, guestemating at probably 4 years now.

8. On how many servers have you been? Name them: AppleStory, RipstagMS, CakeStory, a couple others.

9. Do you have already GM experiences: Yes i do, mentioned in Question 4.

10. Why do you want to be GM: I'm an aspiring Leader figure; I hope to one day become President in my home town.

11. How will you react on other players who are annoying or hacking: If they are annoying or irritating other players i will step in and ask them to stop bothering others as politely as possible. If they are annoying me, well, they won't, i don't get annoyed lol. Smile

Hackers: I will without hesitation deal out a swift Permanent ban if i am positive they are.

12. GMs shouldn't work on their own. So how do you think about Chury and SmellyCat?
It's horrible that i have not gotten to meet either of them, But i assume they are both wonderful people, That i would be able to work with easily.
How do you think can you support us: I'm experienced and i can Offer my Public Ventrilo for use, In case your players get lonely they can come on and talk to me. Aside those things, I'm responsible and Smart, laid-back and know what i want. I can provide a good, friendly aura about this server, not that it doesn't already. Very Happy

13. During your mapling, have you already encoutered some problems? If yes, which: Problems? None at all.

14. How do you intend to get new players here? [Without reg. players, GMs are useless] : I plan to advertise to all my Friends on xFire and MSN who still play; I will also ask them to invite their friends and so on. Smile

15. Would you leave if you don't become GM: Of course not. That is so childish and i' m personally tired of seeing this. It really grinds my gears, so to say, haha. But i will stay, definately. Smile

Thank you for reading, and i hope to see you in-game soon.

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A Calling: Jareziah Empty Re: A Calling: Jareziah

Post  Hitsu on Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:25 pm

seems gud :O

Thx Axel for Dee Sig Very Happy

Muff's Hitsu :O

A Calling: Jareziah Hitsu1

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A Calling: Jareziah Empty Re: A Calling: Jareziah

Post  [Admin]Chury on Wed Oct 15, 2008 9:56 pm

havent seen you in-game so far

It was a good time. Thank yo to everyone and I wish you all goodluck~

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A Calling: Jareziah Empty Re: A Calling: Jareziah

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